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Check, that your unit is connected to the server. (Web interface or in software 2N® Control panel)

Enable AMS function (0 = AMS turned off)


Meter detection:

Performing this command deletes all the data from 2N®SmartCom PRO terminal memory as well as the meter reading configuration part. The parameter interval is global for all installed meters by AT command.


Go to web interface to section "Terminals Monitoring" and synchronize your 2N® SmartCom PRO unit with 2N® SmartCom server.


Press Start sync

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Wait until synchronization is finished


In section "Meters" you can find information about your M-Bus meters

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Results are in section - "Results" - For the access data (login, password) please contact your salesman or send a request go to

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or can be download by FTP client - loggin name: o2 pass:o2ask 2N



Excerpt Include
test General AMS errorstest
General AMS errors

Excerpt Include
test M-Bus AMS errorstest
M-Bus AMS errors