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Comment: update according to 2.24 changes

Securing the door against unauthorized access can be configured on 2N® Helios IP intercoms thanks to new accessories which are available for you right now on our stock. First of them is 2N® IP Door magnetic contact (order number is 9159012) and the second one is 2N® IP Departure button (order number is 9159013). This feature is very useful for buildings where you have doors without handle (only with knob) and you want to increase the security! It can be used in banks, financial centers, offices, labs, server rooms and many others.


How to configure Switch 1

This switch controls the output Relay Output 1 to which is door´s lock connected. It is set in mono stable mode which means that after activation of this switch there will be door opened for 10 seconds (it depends on your specifications).

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How to configure Switch 2

Second switch does not physically control any relay but it is used only for sending HTTP command to specific IP address. In this case it is IP address of 2N® IP Intercom itself! In HTTP command you need to specify "key word" which will be recognized after receiving of this command (it is "switch" in the picture above). This word is used in Automation section.

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 In our case we fill in

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How to set Automation section