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  • intercom firmware version - 2.30.2
  • HT801 firmware version -
  • optionally SIP Proxy - My2N, NetStar (4.4.21), etc.

Direct calls

titleHT801 configuration
There is no need for any configuration of the HT801 to be able to receive calls directly, you just need to know its IP address. The IP address can be retrieved by pick up the phone, press *** and after you enter a voice menu select parameter 02. If you have correctly enabled DHCP server the HT801 will tell you its IP address.
  1. In order to make a call from the HT801, you need to access the menu first with pressing *** and using parameter 47.
  2. After the message is played you need to dial an IP address of the called device divided with * and accept it with # or wait few seconds (for example 192*168*50*142#).