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In certain situations (for instance in premises with higher security level like ATM room etc.) you want to control the door opening even when person is leaving. For this purpose you can connect REX button to 2N® Access Unit and once the button is pressed, device will trigger the lock. You can see typical scenario with REX button below.

How to connect "


normally opened" REX button to 2N® Access Unit and how to configure it

  1. In first step simply connect REX button to one of the inputs on 2N® Access Unit via two wires.

  2. In second step connect to IP address of 2N® Access Unit and go to section "Hardware->Digital Inputs". Choose the input to which you´ve connected the REX button in previous step (in our case "Input 1"). Set "Input mode" to "Non Inverted" and choose a switch, which you want to control via the REX button (in our case it is "Switch 1")