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Since FW version 2.20 for 2N®  IP Intercoms, it is It's possible to upload a video to the display of 2N® IP Verso since FW version 2.20 for 2N® IP Intercoms. This allows you to upload you your advertising video, which can be played after predefined timeout. The video has to meet certain parameters which are described below. To get a video with the required parameters it is necessary to convert it in some 3rd party video converter. Below you will find step by step description how to do that with a video converter we tested.

How to convert the video to meet the required parameters

Required video format:

  • Maximum file size 2MB
  • Maximum resolution 214x214 px
  • H.264 compression in MP4 file
  • H.264 Profile: Constrained Baseline Profile
  • H.264 Level: up to 5.2

  1. Download video converter HandBrake here and install it.
  2. Choose a video you would like to encode
  3. Start in the fold tab "Picture" and set "Container" to "MP4". Then set "Anamorphic" to "None". After that disable "Keep Aspect Ratio". And set "Height" and Wight and "Width" to "214x214".
  4. Switch to the fold tab "Video" and set "Video Codec" to "H.264 (x264)". Then set "Framerate (FPS)" to "15". Now you need to enable '"Fast decode" and set "Encoder profile" to "Baseline". You can keep "Encoder level" as it is but in cant can't be higher then than "5.2"
  5. In the next step go to the fold tab "Audio". If the video contains any audio track, then you can optionally delete it as it is redundant in our case as since audio will not be played by the intercom. You can delete it simply by click by clicking on the red cross. We recommend to delete the audio as it can reduce size of the file.
  6. Now open the fold tab "Subtitles". Situation here is pretty much the same as in the previous step. If the video contains any subtitles you can optionally delete them by click clicking on the red cross.
  7. In the fold tab "Chapter" disable "Create chapter markers" and to the field "File"  fill in folder in your computer where you would like to save a folder and the encoded video and its name's name into the field "File". Then you can click on "Start encode". Encode of the video will start now.
  8. You can check whether the encoding started by check of checking the tool bar on at the top and the progress bar on the bottom of the window. Once the encoding is finished. You , you will find the encoded video in the predefined folder.

How to upload the video to the 2N® IP Verso