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This FAQ describes how to factory reset 2N® LiftIP communicator. It can be done by button on the communicator unit, voice menu or service tool.

Factory reset with the button on the communicator

2N® LiftIP has to be powered. Procedure for factory reset with button and menu:


  • Do not press the SELECT button to restore the factory settings until you have read the whole message.
  • By restoring the factory settings you delete parameters 1100–1110.


Factory reset with voice menu

*Dial assigned number of the communicator (extension number, phone VoIP number), enter service passowrd (default value is *12345*), select parameter 899*SERVICE_PASSWORD*, where service password is current service password (def. 12345).

Parameters for VoIP setting are not deleted (parameters 1100 - 1110).


Factory reset with SW 2N® LiftIP Service Tool

After PC connection with communicator and configuration loading you can create a "NEW" configuration and then store it into the device with button "SAVE TO DEVICE".