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This guide describes basic steps for configuration of peer to peer communication between 2N® Helios IP intercom and IP phone Gigaset Maxwell 10. There is also a possibility to register both these devices to the IP PBX (SIP proxy server) and use internal dialling plan for calling between each other but it is not described in this FAQ. Gigaset Maxwell 10 is IP video phone with 10.1 touch screen, integrated Wi-Fi and supporting many different features, audio codecs and video codecs. 

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Note:  Gigaset Maxwell 10 IP video phone is placed in the same LAN (local network) as intercom. IP address of Gigaset Maxwell 10 is and IP address of 2N® Helios IP intercom is These IP addresses, names and numbers for settings are used only such as example – please change it according to your numbers, names and network plan. Tested with Gigaset Maxwell 10: Model number 80-1, DVF9919 Firmware version : 03.64a16, kernel version : 3.0.35, Android™ version : 4.2.2, Build number: 80_1_1.2.20.1. Firmware version of Helios is 2.14.2 for this FAQ.