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supply backup. This will ensure that once the terminal loose the power, it is still powered from backup power supply for a while and this power lost can be detected on a specific input (you will use analog input where you can have 0V – 10V). You can be informed about that via SMS. In this example you will monitor the analog input 1 and once the value on this input is lower than 3 (depends on the calibration of A/D converter - check next FAQ on the link below) and it is detected for 300sec then SMS message is sent to GSM number +420777234567.

Input circuit - 2N® SmartCom/2N® SmartCom PRO calibration


Example #2

In this example will be described situation when you need to be informed about the situation which occurred repeatedly – five times in this scenario. It can be exceeding of limit value on the second analog input. Let´s set this value to 50 (you can specify different value – it depends on the settings of A/D convertor) and if the current value is higher than this constant then the counter CNT1 increase its value by one. Once this situation occurred five-times the SMS message is sent to your GSM number. In the incoming message you will see also how many times the value was exceeded (total number counted in CNT2). Finally you have to reset the counter CNT1 to the default state (set 0 value). All commands are shown in the picture below.