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As a very first step you have to connect to 2N® SmartCOM via RS-232 serial interface or if you know the public IP address of SIM card then you can configure the device also remotely using the IP protocol (connection via Telnet). After successful connection you can verify if some devices have already been added to the database. Type the command mentioned below to the terminal window. The output of this command is visible in the next picture where you can check that the database is empty.



 Now you can add new ZigBee devices to the database. The only thing you need to know is the IEEE address of ZigBee device you want to interconnect with 2N® SmartCOM. To add new ZigBee device enter the command shown below:


ZigBee device with IEEE address 00:12:4b:00:02:9b:15:e0 was added to the first vacant place in the table (database). Next you can add another device to the database and finally you can check again all added ZigBee devices including their attributes, states and options.


Note: very important command isthe one which shows you all supported parameters (commands) that can be used for configuration of ZigBee devices. It is: