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In this FAQ you will see how to configure sending of SMS messages via SMPP feature on 2N gateways. First of all you can read a brief introduction how do these features work and after that there are several important steps which have to be met for proper settings of this feature:

    • Set the GSM gateway to send/receive SMS via SMPP
    • Define the routing rules for incoming and outgoing SMS messages
    • Check the GSM gateway SMS database´s filling capacity

This FAQ applies for following gateways:

  • 2N® BRI Lite, 2N® BRI Enterprise (2 channels)
  • 2N® VoiceBlue Next (2 or 4 channels)
  • 2N®VoiceBlue MAX (4 channels)
  • 2N® BlueTower (2 to 8 channels), 2N®StarGate (2 to 32 channels).