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  1. HTTP REST API – basic information and example of communication with API of 2N® Access Commander

    In 2N® Access Commander, there is available HTTP REST API which gives the opportunity to completely control 2N® Access Commander, including read, modify, create or delete…
    FAQJul 13, 2021
  2. Gmail SMTP service configuration in 2N® Access Commander

    Application version: 1.17 The 2N® Access Commander supports these ports: 25 587   Google account settings Due to the enhanced security of Google services you…
    FAQJun 04, 2021
  3. Import of Access Commander database from an old instance to a new instance (the same versions)

    Commander the same version. *Video - Installation - How to install 2N® Access Commander If you would like to import to a BOX distribution, connect a VGA or HDMI monitor and USB…
    FAQJan 29, 2020
  4. Lockdown (since the version 2.0) in 2N® Access Commander

    Since the version 2.0 2N® Access Commander enables emergency "lockdown" of connected units within either arbitrarily defined groups, given zones, companies or all devices…
    FAQJun 04, 2021
  5. Product support for 2N® Access Commander

    On this page you can find online manuals, FAQs and support for 2N® Access Commander. English manuals Home page: 2N® Access
  6. Licencování od verze 2.0 - 2N® Access Commander

    Od verze 2.0 používá 2N® Access Commander licence Basic, Advanced, Pro a Unlimited.     Obecně   Tabulka s přehledem zmíněných licencí a jejich parametrů…
    FAQJun 30, 2021
  7. Software Upgrade z Access Commanderu 1.9.1 na Access Commander 1.10

    mezi dvěma systémy Access Commanderu 1.10.   Spusťte Váš VirtualBox, ve kterém je nainstalován současný Access Commander 1.9.1, a naimportujte nový Access Commander 1.10 z OVA…
    FAQApr 10, 2018
  8. LDAP - How to import users from a remote directory to 2N® Access Commander?

    As of version 1.17 2N® Access Commander can be synchronised with other directories using the LDAP protocol in addition to Active Directory. This functionality requires…
    FAQMar 01, 2021
  9. Access Commander REST API guide

    While using 2N® Access Commander, there is a chance to customize your approach by using the REST API. Available commands are called End-points. The list of the end-points…
    FAQMay 05, 2021
  10. Lift control – configure 2N® Access Commander and 2N answering units to control lift access to floors

    Lift control – configure 2N® Access Commander to control lift access to floors In Access Commander, you can setup 2N RFID/Keypad/Bluetooth/Fingerprint equipped IP units…
    FAQAug 25, 2021