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  1. Automatic startup of 2N® Access Commander BOX after power outage

    2N® Access Commander BOX can be set to automatically boot up when power is connected to it. This is particularly helpful if site where BOX is installed encounters a power…
    FAQOct 29, 2020
  2. Factory reset of the 2N® Access Commander BOX

    This tutorial is valid only for the hardware distribution – 2N® Access Commander Box. order no. 91379030 Resetting the Access Commander Box will erase all user data (users…
    FAQMar 04, 2020
  3. Tovární nastavení - Jak uvést 2N® Access Commander BOX do továrního nastavení

    Tento návod platí pouze pro hardwarovou distribuci – 2N® Access Commander Box. Objednací číslo  91379030 Resetování Access Commander Boxu vymaže všechna uživatelská data…
    FAQMar 04, 2020
  4. Backup and restore of settings in 2N® Access Commander

    ® Access Commander box and choose SMB option.     2) First of all you need to set on which IP Address and which folder you will store backup files.So please fill in IP address…
    FAQSep 24, 2020
  5. License for 2N® Access Commander

    91379042 2N® Access Commander – Integration License (CSV and LDAP features)*** Access Commander BOX version have additional +5 free devices available. In order to receive them you…
    FAQNov 09, 2020
  6. *Video - Installation - How to install 2N® Access Commander in Virtual Box

    FAQMay 30, 2017
  7. Import of Access Commander database from an old instance to a new instance (the same versions)

    Commander the same version. *Video - Installation - How to install 2N® Access Commander in Virtual Box If you would like to import to a BOX distribution, connect a VGA or HDMI monitor…
    FAQJan 29, 2020
  8. Factory reset - How to make a factory reset of 2N® Access Commander

    2N® Access Commander BOX supports factory reset. Please follow these steps:   2N® Access Commander installed…
    FAQSep 07, 2018
  9. Milestone XProtect® Access - How to integrate with 2N® Access Commander?

    be offered to you as an option in the select box. Fill in relevant fields for connection with 2N® Access Commander system and click to "Next" button. Field Name Field Description…
    FAQOct 06, 2020
  10. Automatický start 2N® Access Commander BOXu po výpadku napájení

    2N® Access Commander BOX lze nastavit tak, aby se po výpadku napájení sám opět spustil. Toto nastavení je možné pouze pro 2N® Access Commander BOX -objednací číslo 91379030…
    FAQNov 26, 2018