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List of Parameters

The 2N Helios IP intercoms are ONVIF compatible and fully implement the ONVIF Profile S.

  • Discovery mode – enable the WS-Discovery function, which allows the other ONVIF clients to search a compatible device in the LAN. Set the parameter to Discoverable to use your intercom as an ONVIF compatible device.

For full ONVIF functionality it is required to set at least one user account and set proper access right, according to ONVIF specification and used VMS. Without this, only basic functionality is available.

    • Enabled - Enables or disables the user account.
    • Name - set the user name for access to ONVIF.
    • Password - set the password for access to ONVIF.
    • Access level - Sets the level of user rights for the ONVIF service (Anonymous, User, Operator, Administrator)


  • Output type - set the inverted logic input control mode via ONVIF.


  • Check the following RTSP and JPEG functions for enable to make the ONVIF function work properly (to gain full compatibility with the third party equipment):
      1. RTSP Server enabled on the RTSP tab
      2. Video stream enabled on the RTSP tab
      3. UDP unicast enabled on the RTSP tab
      4. Snapshot download enabled on the JPEG tab



Preset authorisation for ONVIF

  • Username: admin
  • Password: 2n
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