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This manual is valid for 2N® IP Force, Safety, Verso, Access Unit.

In the first part we will show where is the tamper switch located or where it should be installed and in the second part we will see how to use it.

Physical installation / location of the tamper switch

2N® IP Force

2N® IP Safety

2N® IP Verso

2N® Access Unit 2.0

2N® Access Unit

2N® IP Base

2N® IP Uni

Using the tamper switch

The tamper switch could be controlled via Automation feature — GOLD license required.
You can configure that after activation of tamper switch the e-mail, HTTP command can be sent to some 3rd party device, silent alarm or local alarm can be triggered, etc. You can see simple example in the picture below where the intruder is photographed (from 2N IP Intercom itself) after activation of tamper switch - somebody opens the front panel and e-mail with snapshots is sent to selected user.