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This page describes you how to configure the Slideshow (list of images to be displayed in the Slideshow mode) on 2N IP intercoms with a display

You can upload up to 8 images to be shown with a preset delay. 

2N® IP intercom FW & license



Please go to 2N IP intercom´s web management - Hardware - Display - Slideshow.


Add images (eventually video) by clicking on this area and save.










The right resolutions of the image (another sizes will be adjusted automatically):

  • IP Vario: 320 x 240 px
  • IP Verso with  "Touch to start" section: 214 x 214 px
  • IP Verso without "Touch to start" section: 214 x 320 px   
    (this possibility allows you to use the whole display size for your own picture with your own welcome text)




Parameters of the Slideshow:

  • Slideshow activation timeout 
    set the maximum idle time (i.e. during which the user does not control the device via the buttons or numeric keypad) in which the Slideshow mode will be activated automatically;. 
    a value of zero disables the slideshow.
  • Slideshow transition time
    set the image displaying time in a slideshow.