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Call between the 2N IP intercom and the MicroSIP, without IPBX or My2n (direct IP call):

In this example, the 2N IP intercom has the IP address and the PC having the MicroSIP installed has

Intercom configuration :

Step 1: Create a user and assign a phone number to this user as "sip:PC_IP_ADDRESS". In this example, it will be "sip:".

Step 2: Assign this user to the call button

Step 3: Make sure that in the SIP1 menu the protocol used is UDP

Step 4: For video in the calls, check the box "Use Send/recv attributes for video"

MicroSIP configuration :

Go to settings and enable the local account:

Need to make a call from MicroSIP to the 2N IP intercom?

Fill in the address of the intercom and then click “Call”:

With a speed dial button:

Go to the MicroSip Settings => Shortcuts (or CTRL + S):

Unlock the door:

During a call, type the code of the switch followed by the * (ex: 00*)

Need a shortcut? Go to Speed Dial:

To control multiple outputs:

Here we control Relay 1 via intercom switch 1 and output 1 via switch 2:

If you do not want to use the *, just check the box below:

Calls between the 2N IP intercom and the MicroSIP via the My2N:

Add the intercom into the My2N ( and also Add a 3rd party device (

Intercom in "automatic" mode on the My2N?

Step 1: Assign the 3rd party device to the 2N intercom button in the "call settings"

Step 2 : Register MicroSIP in the My2N server:

Intercom in « manual » mode in My2N ? Follow the instructions below: