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  • Make sure that the DNS parameter is configured correctly If the static IP address is used on the intercom

You have two options how to set up your 2N IP intercom. Mode selection is available in various sections of the My2N service. You are able to select the mode in these sections:

  • While you are adding a new intercom (Settings - Where to call from?)

Figure 1


Figure 2


  • While you are approving the intercom which is using My2N ID instead of the security code


Figure 3

  • In the main menu of the available devices. You are able to enter into this menu by clicking on (edit) button of the selected intercom. 

Figure 4

Figure 5

Automatic configuration

First option is an automatic configuration mode. This mode is used for comfortable configuration of your intercom via My2N service. You are able to configure switch codes and quick dial buttons of the intercom. To be able to use this feature your 2N IP intercom needs to have installed the latest firmware.

Figure 6

Manual configuration

Second mode is manual one. This means that you have to open web configuration interface of the intercom and set up all required parameters there. In this case you have to switch off the automatic mode (please refer to figure 2).

1. Enter the web configuration interface of your intercom. First it is recommended to switch off My2N synchronization in the System-Auto Provisioning-My2N/TR069.

Figure 7

2. Secondly you can specify the number to which the call should be established and SIP account which will be responsible for the forwarding of the call. The number of the device (Device ID) is shown in My2N portal Settings section. In this example the number is 598504917 which is the ID of the registered Smartphone. You can specify this number in the Directory-Users menu section of the intercom. SIP account is defined by /2 parameter in the Phone number field. It is necessary to use SIP account number 2 for the proper function.



It is necessary to enable the checkbox called Position Enabled, to be able to use quick dial button.

For more information regarding to the configuration of the 2N IP intercom please see the following link:
Product support for 2N IP Family 

      firmware 2.24.0 and later

Figure 8




If you already have some number defined under the user number 1 field, you can specify device ID (number 568504917 in this example) under the number 2.

3. Lastly you have to adjust the settings in the section Services-Phone-SIP 2. Here you have to specify the following parameters:

  • Phone Number (ID): ID of the intercom assigned by the My2N portal
  • Domain: Domain name of the My2N service (
  • Authentication: It is not necessary to set up these parameters
  • Proxy Address: Domain name of the My2N service (
  • Proxy Port: Listening SIP port 




    It is highly recommended to use SIP 2 account only, while registering the device to the My2N portal.

    • There are two ways how to obtain the SIP account credentials. First option is to use credentials send via an email during the registration of your intercom. You can see the example of the email content on the following figure 6:

 Figure 9

    • Second option is to use the My2N portal, where you can see SIP credentials of each device in the section SIP Proxy of the device's main menu.

 Figure 10

In this example, the SIP credentials are:

  • Phone Number (ID): 598504057
  • Domain: 
  • Proxy Address: 
  • Proxy Port: 5060
  • Password: DLcJDQSd

You can simply configure these parameters in the intercom then:


 Figure 11


 Figure 12

Last parameter that needs to be changed is the transport protocol for SIP communication. It can be changed in the same section Phone -> SIP 2 -> Advanced settings -> SIP Transport Protocol. For the proper communication with the proxy server TCP protocol has to be used.

 Figure 13


Successful registration is verified by the value: Registration State: REGISTERED.  Make sure that the following Call Answering Mode parameters are set as follows:

Figure 14 (This has to be set up to be able to receive calls with the intercom)

Figure 15 (This has to be set up to be able to receive DTMF and open the door)

Now you are able to make calls between your intercom and smartphone device using the My2N service.