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You can set up RFID/Keypad/Bluetooth/Fingerprint equipped 2N devices to control which floors authorized user can access.

The whole scenario allows interconnection of 2N devices with AXIS A9188 I/O Relay Modules, which tells the lift which floor can be accessed after a person authorizes using the 2N devices as shown on the following image:

Types of most typical scenarios are (please also see image above):

  1. A 3rd party RFID card reader in the lift cabin is connected over Wiegand to a 2N® Access Unit or located in the top of the shaft or in the Machine room. The 2N® Access unit communicates over IP with the Axis A9188, which is connected to the Lift Controller. The Lift Controller uses CANbus (or similar) to control the buttons in the Lift Car.
  2. A 2N® Access Unit or supported intercom is installed in the lift cabin requiring Ethernet cable connection from the machine room. This is the most convenient scenario. The 2N device communicates again over IP with the AXIS A9188 in the same way as above.
  3. A 2N® Access Unit or supported intercom is installed in the lift cabin, which does not have an Ethernet connection. 2N® 2Wire converters are used to bring IP connectivity and PoE through the Lift car’s travelling cable over available 2 wires. This provides IP connectivity for communication between the  2N® device and the Axis A9188, which is linked with the Lift Controller.

Currently, a maximum of 5 AXIS A9188 can be connected with one 2N unit making the maximum of 40 floors supported (1 I/O Relay Module can handle up to 8 floors).



Lift control solution requires:

  • IP intercoms / Access Units with firmware 2.27 and later
  • Lift license (order no. 9137916 (Axis order no. SKU 02001-001) for IP intercoms or 9160401 for Access units (Axis order no. SKU 02000-001)) installed in the 2N device.
    Lift license is NOT part of the Gold license and needs to be ordered separately.
    The license is available for the following models: 2N® IP Verso, 2N® IP Vario, 2N® IP Force, 2N® Access Unit, 2N® Access Unit 2.0.
  • AXIS A9188 I/O Relay Module (2N order no. 9160501, AXIS order no. SKU 0820-001) firmware or newer

Technical parameters

  • AXIS A9188 communicates with lift I/O Relay Module using its relays wired to lift system
  • 2N devices communicate with AXIS A9188 via IP protocol HTTPS
  • Time for relays open/close time is set by 2N devices to 10s (could be changed) which directly corresponds with time person have after his/her authorization on 2N device to push floor button in the lift
  • One 2N device can connect to up to 8 AXIS A9188 I/O Relay Modules
  • Multiple 2N devices are not recommended to connect to same AXIS A9188 I/O Relay Module


The following guide will explain, how to set the whole scenario to allow the person access to certain floors in the lift using their credentials (RFID, Code, Bluetooth or Fingerprint).

STEP 1: Configure AXIS A9188 to allow communication with 2N unit.

  • Physically wire AXIS A9188 using its relays to lift control electronics which allows certain floor buttons to be pressed (for example wire relay io_1_1 on AXIS A9188 to lift control for 1st floor). Documentation for AXIS A9188 I/O Relay Module is available on the following link:
  • Connect AXIS A9188 I/O Relay Module to IP network, since it needs to be configured.
  • AXIS A9188 I/O Relay Module supports PoE and DHCP, once connected it can be located on the network using AXIS IP Utility which can be downloaded here:  AXIS IP Utility

  • I/O Relay Module can be accessed on its IP address using a web browser.
  • Default login information:
    Username: root
    Password: root
  • Navigate to section Preferences -> Additional configuration, which will allow you to access full configuration of I/O Relay Module.

  • Navigate to section System Options -> Security -> Certificates and choose to Create self-signed certificate in order to allow I/O Relay Module using secured communication which is required for connection with 2N unit (optionally you can use your own CA-signed certificates).

  • Navigate to section System Options -> Security -> HTTPS choose a certificate from the previous step and allow Administrator to use HTTPS.




    Self-signed certificate and HTTPS protocol settings can be also set the first time you access the AXIS A9188 device before creating a root password by clicking on button Use HTTPS

STEP 2: Configure the 2N device to communicate with the AXIS 9188 I/O Relay Module

  • Make sure the 2N device has Lift license installed (order no. 9137916 for IP intercoms or 9160401 for Access units) and firmware 2.27 or newer is used.
  • Connect the 2N unit to the AXIS A9188 I/O Relay Module in section Hardware - Lift Control by specifying the IP address of AXIS A9188 and administrator user (root for example).




STEP 3: Name the floors and assigned to the users

  • You can name it or just leave it as is, and also choose if it would be publicly accessible (could be used without authentication)

  • In the directory, choose a user and assigned them the correct floors.

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