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LTE® Verso has all features of the normal 2N® IP Verso however this model has only SIM card interface. In order to make calls, the data SIM card without PIN code is required. This FAQ helps you to find out which type of data tariff you would need for the smooth usage of the product.


You can calculate the amount of used data by using the following equalation: 





  • S = amount of used data (kB)
  • t = time (s)
  • vp = bit rate (kbps)

You need to consider how often the intecom will be used, it means that you need to make estimation of the total length of calls per month. Second parameter is bit rate of the video or audio. The total amount of used data can be obtained by using this formula:




  • S = amount of used data (kB)
  • t = time (s)
  • v1 = bit rate of the audio codec (kbps)
  • v2bit rate of the video codec (kbps)


Table of available codecs and bitrates


User has LTE® Verso  in front of his house. Intercom is used every day during 1 month. The call length per 1 day is 15s. Lets consider that 1 month is equal to 30 days. In addition PCMU audio codec is in use and H264 video codec with the bit rate 512 kbps. Bit rate of the PCMU codec is 64 kbps.





Total amount of used data during 1 month is 32.4 MB. Based on this result, the user can choose the lowest data tariff offer from the service provider.



Please note that packet encapsulation (UDP, L3 and L2 headers) and SIP signalization is not considered in this example. It is strongly recommended to add some reserve (apporx 30MB).