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  • Enhanced Integration or Gold license
  • Latest firmware version (2.29)


With usage of this manual you are able to use feature called Lockdown even if you are transmitting authorisation data via Wiegand interface to the 3rd party access controls. In normal scenario our 2N® Intercom or Access unit sends data to the Wiegand interface even when the Emergency lockdown is activated, hence you need to make an Automation to disable access to the building.

How is it working?

Under normal circumstances (state unlocked) the cards, codes, etc. are sent to the Wiegand interface and out to the 3rd party access control where is determined whether the access is granted or not, but when the Lockdown is activated (state locked) the condition is not met, so the 2N® Intercom or Access unit will not send any data to the Wiegand.

You can download this Automation here: Wiegand

Note: All commands used in the Automation section are deeply described in our 2N® IP Intercom Automation manual where are also some examples. This manual is available on our web pages:


                  More information:

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