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How to connect Automatic Door Opener ED100

This FAQ describes connection of the Automatic Door Opener ED100 together with 2N IP Intercoms or 2N Access Units.  In our example we used 2N® IP Verso.



We are not describing the installation of ED100. We only focus on connection between 2N and the ED100.

  • Wiring between 2N and ED100
  • Configuration from 2N side

The physicall installation and configuration of the equipment is described in the manual of the manufacturer:



For this scenario license is required. You will need either Enhanced Integration or Gold license

  • Enhanced Integration license - 9137907
  • Gold license - 9137909


Electrical wiring between 2N and ED100


  • Connect the 2N Relay output on connectors NO & COM, run the wires to ED100 to connectors COM & Entrance Guard signal
  • The automatic door opener ED100 is triggered by a dry contact therefore we used NO+COM ports on the 2N IP Verso

Door Strike

  • We connect the Door Strike. In our example we used the OUT1.
  • If you need to use the relay for the Door Strike you will need to buy additional module I/O Module - 9155034 as the Relay is already occupied by the ED100.


Configuration of 2N device

Module disable

  • Go to section Hardware -> Extenders -> Choose your reader -> Door = Not used
  • By doing so we ensure that when person is authorized, the system will always follow the rules of Automation described in next step.

Output control - automation

  1. UserAuthorized - whatever user is authorized the DoorLock and Automatic opener will be triggered
  2. Activate Switch #1triggers the output connected to the Door Strike
  3. Delay - is required so that the DoorStrike is open before the AutomaticDoor Opener starts opening the door. If we would not have included this block then the DoorOpener would not open and potentionally break the door or the DoorStrike. In our example we used 200ms, your experience may vary depending on the Door Strike.
  4. Activate Switch #2 - triggers the output connected to the Automatic DoorOpener ED100




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