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If the device has a hardware fault then it usually has to be send to our factory for a repair. We recommend to use a Report technical issue if you are not sure that it is a hardware fault.

Steps of RMA request:

  1. Fill RMA  form with clear description of faults (Please use Adobe Acrobat Reader to write in PDF file)
  2. Create one ticket to report a fault of one or more devices
  3. Attach RMA form and submit the ticket
  4. Wait for a RMA number to send goods to us

We are always reviewing the RMA form to see if something can be fixed remotely. We might request an additional troubleshooting if we are not sure that some item is faulty.

It is possible to ask for bypassing the troubleshooting under condition that you agree to cover expenses for the assessment of the unjustified complaint.

Please see additional details here.

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