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If you got a permanent license for OFR, you can use SIP and H.323 but not at the same time. Go to the Administration – Main configuration menu. Set the VoIP Protocol parameter to H.323. If there is no VoIP parameter, that means that you can use both SIP and H.323 at the same time.


  • Call Method: Choose mode for H.323 trunk
  • Gateway address: The IP address of office route which will be used for call method Gateway
  • Gateway prefixes: H.323 message Alias dialed digits field. Only for Call method Gateway
  • Display name: H.323 Caller ID field
  • Numbers: If there exists  aclip (Caller ID) when calling to this H.323 line, this identificator will be overwritten. Otherwise this number will be sent.
  • Listen port: OfficeRouteH.323 listening port
  • Codecs: Choose one or more codecs which will be used for the trunk

  • Reject call code: Call clear reason for rejected calls.
  • No route code: Call clear reason for calls which can not be routed to the network.

If you have troubles with connection, try setup Disable Fast Start and H.245 tunneling on both devices.

More product information:

  • 2N® OfficeRoute (Official Website 2N)