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FTP Filezille Server Configuration



Steps for Downloading and Configuring the Filezilla FTP Server.


  1. Download the FTP server from





2. Install the FTP Server. For this guide, Windows 10 OS is going to be used.




3. When you start the FTP program, a pop-up for the IP Address to connect the FTP program will appear. You will enter the IP Address of the device or computer to connect the FTP server to, for this example the local computer is used and so Localhost is left as it is.




4. After the installation is complete, you will have to set up a user. Which is done via the Edit tab and then select the Users option.



 5. Click on „Add“ in the users' section, since you will need to create a user to access the file. Click on the Add button on the right-hand side, and enter the user you want.




 6. Please create a shared folder that will store the configuration or picture file. In this case, I will store on this computer at the Local C: folder.





7. Afterwards, add the shared folder to the FTP Server.




 8. Once you have chosen your file. Then select the permissions to give the user.



9. To check that it working, open the Command Line (CMD). And enter the IP Address of the computer, for this test I am using the local computer and localhost. Enter the command: FTP Enter the username and password you created earlier. If you are able to log in then you can download the files within the shared folder.




Upload a Picture From 2N Intercom to Filezilla FTP Server

FAQ created for the following versions

  • You will have to create a rule to allow inbound connections to port 21 in firewalls. Windows firewall by default will block the FTP connection.


To upload a picture via FTP you must go to Services --> Streaming --> FTP tab. Enable the FTP services. Fill in the IP Address of the Filezilla server using the format FTP://<id address>:21. Then the user name you have created with the password. You don't have to enable the passive mode unless needed. For the remote directory, enter the file path of the folder you shared.






Date of design: 06/08/2021



-          Computer – Windows 10 OS

-          Filezilla FTP Server

-          2N IP Intercom