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You can setup 2N IP intercom equipped with camera to make call without need of physically touching any of device's button.

For this scenario we will need two advanced features in 2N® IP Intercom which requires particular license. Those features are Motion detection and Automation. 

Basic idea of this feature is, that when someone comes in front of IP intercom and covers from close distance by hand its camera, 2N® IP Intercom will make a call to predefined number.

This feature works only with internal camera.


  • 2N® IP Intercom equipped with camera
  • Enhanced Integration and Enhanced or Gold Video license installed in 2N® IP Intercom (alternatively can be tested with Trial license)
  • latest firmware installed in 2N® IP Intercom is highly recommended
  • basic configuration to be present in 2N® IP Intercom to be able to make a calls

Please read


Please note that this feature may have its operation in certain environment and condition greatly affected or severely reduced with risk of false calls triggers.

How to setup contact-less calling

  1. Setup IP intercom to make calls as usual. Either register it to SIP 2.0 based VOIP PBX such as Mobile video service or add to users sip direct call numbers or 2N answering units device: numbers
  2. Setup motion detection to match your environment. To Access Motion detection configuration , in 2N® IP Intercom configuration navigate to section Hardware - Camera - Internal Camera
    As a first step you need to determine what is usual movement threshold level of environment where 2N® IP Intercom is installed to prevent as much false movement readings as possible.
    You can use for this Activity Graph below Detection area in Hardware - Camera - Internal camera section to determine level of usual motion in front of camera.
    You can start with lower threshold set to 89% and upper threshold set to 99%, however you will need to adjust values according to your environment.
    As you can see on example in picture below, usual activity in front of camera should not pass over set thresholds represented by green and red lines.
  3. If you have adjusted motion detection to your environment, you can quickly move your hand in front of camera (cca 3cm away from it) to see that this motion pass above red line threshold as shown on image below:

    Each red column represent successful covering 2N® IP intercom's camera by hand (from close distance)
  4. Now all we need to do is to setup automation function which will make a call once motion before camera is detected.
    To do so, you need to access Automation settings in 2N® IP Intercom (section Services - Automation) and create following automation:
    You can choose if you want to make 2® IP Intercom call specific number, URI , user  /which needs to have a phone number configured in that 2N® IP Intercom) or 2N Answering unit.
    You can download example of mentioned automation here:
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