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LTE Connection Verification

Having connected the power supply, make sure that 2N® LTE Verso has been connected to the LTE data network successfully. A red LED (R) located to the left of the BUS connector on the upper board provides basic diagnostics: flashing means connecting, if the LED goes off, the device is connected to the data network. If it is illuminated for 5 seconds, there is a SIM card error (SIM not inserted, PIN request enable or no active data service). When this 5s timeout is over, another connection attempt is made and the LED starts flashing again, i.e. the LED does not shine permanently if there is a problem. If it keeps flashing only, the LTE signal is insufficient. In this case, check the area LTE signal coverage and antenna connection. If the LTE signal is low, use an appropriately placed external antenna (optional accessory, Part No. 9155048). Caution – do not stick the external antenna to a metal surface!


Diagnostic over SMS can be found here: