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This FAQ refers to situation when the card reader (typically 125kHz version, but generally also 13.56MHz) is placed in the intercom and does not react to cards presented, while the rest of the intecom works OK.

In any case please make sure you have latest firmware uploaded to the intercom.

If the reboot does not help.

  • Is the card reader module connected properly to the intercom? Can you see the card reader module in Extenders, do you see card reader related menus? For example with Vario or Force, if card reader is connected, you see its electrical outputs in Switches.
  • Are you using correct cards? A 125kHz card is invisible for 13.56MHz card reader and vice versa. Try with a similar card reader whether you are using correct type of card. Also 125kHz HID Proximity cards need correct settings of HID Prox types as there are multiple variations.
  • Can you see card events in the Status part of the web interface or syslog? If so, then the card reader actually works, but there might be a problem with signalisation, such as volume turned all the way down.

If the reboot helps, but after some hours the card reader is stuck again, sometimes even after first lock activation.

  • Interference from another reader - Check if there is any other card reader of the same frequency close by. Especially with 125kHz readers, we do not recommend installing readers closer than 50cm from each other - they might be interfering. If the installation requires multiple readers to be so close, try to shield them from each other using metal back plates or wire grid.
  • Impulse from the lock - after the lock is deactivated, coil in the lock generates an discharge impulse which is closed via the intercoms output - this can interfere with the card reader.
    • Rearrange the cables from the lock. Try to lead them as far as possible from the card reader - if the cables are too long, do not store them in the intecom, either make them shorter or place them in the wall box.
    • Use low consumption locks - they generate smaller discharge peak.
    • Add a diode to the lock connector with polarity reverse to the door lock power supply from the intercoms output. The diode must not short-circuit the output of the intercom. Adding the diode should not affect the normal operation of the lock, but the discharge is discharged via diode, so it does not get into the intercom at all. The diode should be placed as close as possible to the door lock itself, ideally directly on the connector on the door lock. Diode should be min 1A/1000V, for example types 1N4007 or 1N5408.