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After implementing this function 2N® IP Intercom will establish a call to a predefined user after pressing an assigned button. This functionality can be remotely disabled using a specific DTMF code and again enabled using a different DTMF code. This functionality can by implemented with or without using proxy server.

In this scenario, 2N® IP Safety was used to call to Gigaset Maxwell 10. Details about how to set Gigaset Maxwell 10 can be found here. However, any destination reachable over SIP call from the intercom can be used.

Intercom Firmware Version :

How it works:

  • Call to a device on IP address is originated after pressing button 1.
  • If DTMF code 123 is entered, the call function on this button is disabled.
  • Call function on the intercom can be again enabled by calling this device and introducing DTMF code 321.
  • After entering the defined DTMF codes, defined user sound can be replayed to the user to confirm the performed action

How to set 2N IP Intercom

1)      Enable automatic receiving of calls.

Calls cannot be received manually with the button assigned to originate the call. Select Automatic receiving of calls for the corresponding SIP account. 

2)      Make sure no user is assigned to the button.

To do so, leave the field for Main Unit Button blank. 

3)      Create new function in Automation

You can download the automation function here:








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