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3rd party applications can be easily installed in the 2N® Indoor Touch from the microSD card, however there are some restrictions and requirements to be met. An additional license is needed as well. For further details please see this FAQ before you continue with an installation of any application.

The applications listed below have been tested on 2N® Indoor Touch by 2N TechSupport.

Home automation & control apps:

Ego-n® - version 1.3.1 (tick)
Product page

AdriaABAS - version 1.6 (tick)
Home page

Control4 for Android - versions, (tick)
Control4 MyHome - versions, (tick)
Product page

Crestron App - version 1.01.01 (tick) (requires Adobe Air)
Crestron Mobile - version (tick)
Crestron AirMedia - version (tick)
Product page

dS Home Control - version 4.0.0 (tick)
Home page

Trassir CCT client - version 4.0.0 (tick)
Home page


Domotron - version 1.1 (tick)
Home page

Cover art
xComfort Smart Home Controller - version 2.1 (warning) (requires Google Play Services)
Product page

ELAN Home Systems
g!Mobile 7 - versions 7.2, 7.3 (tick)
Product page


Fibaro for Tablet - version 1.2.1 (tick)

Fibaro for Tablet - version 1.11 (tick) (requires 2N® IndoorTouch with Wifi interface)
FIBARO - version 1.8.2 (tick) (requires force landscape orientation in Settings)
Home page

ISAAC Smart Home  - versions 2.4.0, 3.1.0 (tick)
Home page

HDL iLIFE Home Automation
HDL iLIFE Home Automation - version 2.6.3 (tick)
Home page

Hi Vision
Hi Vision - versions 1.0.7, 1.0.9 (tick)
Product page

INSTEON for SmartLinc - version 1.2.3 (tick)
Home page

Cover art
INTEGRA CONTROL - version 4.00.004 (tick) (requires force landscape orientation in Settings)
Product page,Mobile-application-for-remote-control-of-the-INTEGRA-alarm-system

Cover art

Advisor Advanced+ - version 1.4.0 (tick) (requires force landscape orientation in Settings)
Côr Home Automation Smart Home - version 2.1.2 (tick) (requires force landscape orientation in Settings)
G4S ZeroWire - version 1.12.13 build 0075 (tick)
TruPortal - version 1.72.06 (tick) (requires force landscape orientation in Settings)
UltraConnect - version 1.12.13 build 0075 (tick)
UltraSync - version 1.11.21 build 0055 (tick)
UltraSync SmartHome VR - version 1.0   (warning) incompatible
Home page

ION Solutions

Magiesta - version 1.0.5 (tick)
Home page

i2 Control - version 2.2.1 (tick)
i2 Control V2.2 - version 2.2.5 (tick)
i3 lite - version 1.0.3 (tick)
i3 pro - version 1.0.6 (tick)
Product page

MyJablotron - versions 3.1.1, 3.2.3 (tick) (requires force landscape orientation in Settings)
Product page
JabloTool - version (tick)
Product page

KNX Controller
- version 2.0.12 (tick)
Home page

Cover art
Legrand Door Bell - version 1.3.4 (tick) (requires force landscape orientation in Settings)
Legrand Evolution Series - version 4.0 (warning) incompatible
Legrand IP Camera - version 2.8.8 (warning) incompatible

Legrand Lightning Control - version 1.3.1 (tick)
Legrand Mobile Socket - version 1.3.4 (tick)
Legrand Music Port - version 1.0.13430 (tick)
Legrand NuVo Player - version 3.2.1 (tick)
Legrand On Q digital Audio - version 3.0.1 (tick)
Legrand Pass Seymour - (tick)
Legrand Wiremold Wire Cable Management - version (tick)
Home page

Decora Digital Dimmer & Timer - version 1.1.0 (tick)
Hi-Fi 2 - version 1.0 (tick) (requires force landscape orientation in Settings)
Lumina Mobile - version 1.1.7 (tick) (requires force landscape orientation in Settings)
Home page

Loxone Classic - version 3.4.4 (tick)
Loxon Smart Home - versions 6.2.1, 6.4.1 (tick), version 7.0.4 (warning) incompatible 
Product page

Milestone Mobile - versions 2.7.1, 10.0.2 (tick)
Product page

Niko Home Control - version 3.5.0 (tick)
Product page

Philips EnvisionTouch - version 1.0.5 (tick)
Product page

Remote Technologies
RTiPanel - version 1.2.2 (tick)
Product page

Savant Pro 7 - version 7.2.5, 8.1  (tick)
Savant Pro 8 - version 8.1  (tick)
Product page

HomeControl - version 5.4 (tick)
Sensio - version 5.17 (tick)
Sensio Beta - version 5.4 (tick)
Sensio Velferd - version 5.18 (tick) 
Smartly - version 5.10 (tick)
Home page

SmartThings Mobile - version 2.1.4 (tick)
Home page

SMD Electronics
Connect - Smart Home App - version 2.1.0 (tick)
Home page


Sonos Controller for Android - versions 5.3.1, 6.2 (tick)
Product page


ThinKnx - version 1.20.0 (tick)
Product page

Touch Panel Control
TPControl for AMX - version 2.6.0 (tick)
Product page

Universal Remote Control
URC Mobile - version 0.1.2016 (tick)
Product page

Vimar By-clima - version (warning) incompatible
Vimar By-door - version 1.0.0 (tick)
Vimar By-phone - version 2.1 (tick) (requires force landscape orientation in Settings)
Vimar By-web - version 1.0.0 (tick)
Elvox Wi-Fi Cam - version 1.0.0 (tick) (requires force landscape orientation in Settings)
Product page

Cover art
Vitrea Control Pro - version 0.1.3 (tick) (requires Set Orientation application to rotate it to the Landscape mode)
Home page

Cover art
Zennio Z41 Remote - versions 2.0.6, 2.1.9, 2.4.0 (warning) (requires Google Play and force landscape orientation in Settings)
Product page

- versions 2.4.0 (tick), 3.2, 4.0.4 (warning) incompatible
Home page

IP camera apps:


AXIS Camera Companion - versions 1.0.2, 1.3.0 (tick)
Product page
AXIS Viewer for Hosted Video - version 1.2.0 (tick)
Product page


HIKVISION iVMS-4500 HD - version 3.4.2 (tick)
Product page


TruVision IP Camera Selector - version 1.0.1 (tick) (requires force landscape orientation in Settings)
TruVision TVRmobile - version 2.30.06 build 20160414 (tick) (requires force landscape orientation in Settings)
TruVision TVRmobile HD - versions 2.30.04, 2.30.06 build 20160414 (tick)
Product page

IP Cam Viewer
IP Cam Viewer Basic - versions 3.4.8, 5.9.8 (tick)
IP Cam Viewer Lite - versions 3.4.8, 5.9.8 (tick)
IP Cam Viewer Pro - versions 3.4.8, 5.9.8 (tick)
Product page

TinyCam Monitor Free - versions 5.9.8, 6.5.1 (tick)
TinyCam Monitor PRO - versions 5.9.8, 6.5.1 (tick)
Product page

Multimedia apps:

Cover art
Radio Online - FM Cube - version 1.1.7 (tick)
Radio Online - PCRADIO - version 2.3.9 (tick)
Product page

TuneIN Radio - Radio & Music free - version 15.4.1 (tick)
Product page

Other apps:

Cover art
Adobe Air plugin - version 20.0.0 (tick) (requires force landscape orientation in Settings)
Product page

Amazon App Store - version 16.01.890 (tick)
Amazon for Tablets - version 5.51.6710 (tick) 
Amazon Shopping - version (tick)
Product page

HTTP Getter - version 0.1 (tick)
Product page

- versions 2.12.250, 2.16.310 (tick), 2.12.489 (warning) incompatible
Product page


Testing scenario

  • Installation of the .apk file from a microSD card
  • Placing of the application's quick launch button on the launcher (home screen)
  • Launching of the application by clicking on the quick launch button
  • Verification of running the app in the landscape view mode with no distortion/deformation
  • Responsivity testing of the control elements (buttons, icons)



Please note that the performance of an active application might be affected by other applications already running in the background. If you meet any unusual behavior such as for ex. slow responses or stability issues, feel free to click on the squares icon in the control bar and close other currently launched applications.