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Check whether you have latest firmware versions.

Interconnection 2N Helios IP and AVM FRITZ!Box

If you want to register your 2N Helios IP to an AVM FRITZ!Box, please follow this step by step manual. If you connect your 2N Helios IP directly to an AVM Fritz!Box, you have to use external power supply or PoE injector. 2N Helios IP network settings must be set to DHCP.

  1. The FRITZ!Box user interface can be opened on any computer connected to the FRITZ!Box. Start a web browser on your computer. Enter in the address line of the browser. The FRITZ!Box user interface will open, enter the password. If you are logging in for the first time, you have to modify the default user password.
  2. In FRITZ!Box settings go to: Telefonie > Telefoniegeräte > Neues Gerät einrichten and choose  Türsprechanlage

  3. Choose LAN / WLAN (IP-Türsprechanlage) and name your 2N Helios IP device. For example: Enter, Bell, Intercom Helios etc...
  4. FRITZ!Box automatically assigns an internal number to the intercom. In this example, it's 620. Enter password (Kennwort) and click Weiter.
  5. You can skip these settings and click Weiter.
  6. You can see your 2N Helios IP in FRITZ!Box now.
  7. Go to settings of your Intercom.
  8. Now you can add code for lock and link for camera.



Settings 2N Helios IP

  1. Open a web browser and enter the IP address of your intercom (default: admin/2n). If you don't know the IP of your Intercom, then you can use 2N Helios IP Network Scanner (download
  2. Go to Service – Phone – SIP 1 and fill Intercom Identity – Authentication – SIP Proxy – SIP Registrar and save settings
  3. Check Registration state of your 2N Helios IP
    Maybe the first registration will not be successful, repeat your registration.
    Connection between FRITZ! Box and 2N Helios IP is now ready.

  4. In directory, you can set which numbers you will call from your 2N Helios IP. (you can also ad numbers which are in the FRITZ!Box)
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