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Changelog 1.5.0

Features in version 1.5.0:

  • IMPORTANT: Licence based on S/N of any Helios IP intercom managed via 2N® Access Commander – all previously generated licenses (based on “Computer ID”) needs to be re-generated by 2N tech support during next 3 months!
  • Totally new design of web interface (Google Material Design)
  • Integration with Milestone XProtect® Access – access logs from 2N® Access Commander are interconnected with video from monitoring cameras in one powerful interface (Milestone XProtect Client)
  • Integration with Active Directory (LDAP support) - licensed feature!
  • Device monitoring board – real-time monitoring of connected devices (SIP proxy registration, Tamper alarm, Forced door, Audio Loop test and several others)
  • Email notifications – different types of alarms and errors occurred on connected devices
  • Time profiles can have multiple intervals
  • Global search in the system – easy way how to find users, devices, groups or zones from any place in the system
  • Public REST API documentation for 3rd party integration
  • New access event types added to system logs – audio test failed, noise detected, tamper switch activated, forced door, too long opened door, etc.
  • Public holidays are reflected in created Access rules
  • System log filtering
  • New user´s privilege added to the system – user who can manage access rules

Improvements in version 1.5.0:

  • Major visual improvements in Attendance module
  • Employee ID for 3rd party system integration
  • Possibility to temporarily disable selected devices
  • Global CSV export for attendance records
  • We made over 370 improvements

Changelog 1.3.3

  • Possibility to disable SSL during SMTP configuration

Changelog 1.3.2

  • Access Unit support improvements
  • 2N® Helios IP Vario Display configuration improvements

Changelog 1.3.0

  • Automatic device synchronization (no need to trigger sync manually by clicking a button)
  • Manager role privileges introduced
    • User administration
    • Attendance monitoring for a selected User Group(s)
    • Manager Dashboard
  • Attendance PDF export
  • 2N® Indoor Touch support
  • Over 100 minor improvements and fixes:
    • Company can be set up in Setup Wizard
    • Reset upgrade link to default
    • Devices stay in proper state (OFFLINE x ONLINE)
    • Backup and synchronization status remembered after system restart
    • Language updates

Changelog 1.2.2

  • bug fix: stabilization of device synchronization

Changelog 1.2.1

  • system upgrade mechanism improvements
  • default keyboard in system console changed to US English
  • bug fix: sample user import CSV file download didn’t work
  • bug fix: dashboard showed 0 users, devices, zones, etc, in specific cases
  • Since the upgrade mechanism has been changed in this version, it is necessary to run the upgrade twice. After the first execution, the upgrade mechanism itself gets upgraded and the system will still show the original version number. When the upgrade is run for the second time, a regular upgrade downloads a new system version. We’re sorry for inconvenience.

Changelog 1.2.0

  • Company module – Admin can configure access rules for more companies inside one office building (per one installation of 2N® Access Commander)
  • Translation of web interface to 7 languages (CZ, ENG, DE, ESP, RU, IT, FR)
  • Display configuration – Access Commander will automatically detect all Helios IP Vario intercoms with display and allows you to configure it very quickly (create phonebook, nametags)
  • Export of employee attendance to .CSV – Use data from our Attendance with 3rd party systems (billing, advanced attendance, etc.)
  • Import of users from CSV file to 2N® Access Commander
  • Validation – notification about wrong format of entered data; such input can´t be confirmed and saved
  • Two different modes for Attendance tracking – free and IN-OUT mode
  • Support of external USB card reader – support of the newest driver
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